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Tipping and testing every wire before connecting devices and applying power will guarantee successful projects. Failing to test each and every wire will almost certainly delay projects and increase costs.  For these reasons, we found an excellent tool to help every installation go smoothly, profitably, and most important: on schedule.  The multi-purpose LAN tester includes 8 test ID heads allowing “one trip up the ladder” installation of light fixtures.  A real time saver!  The tool displays crossed wires, shorts, and opens and also indicates the length of the wire.  The P-NET-TEST-8R is included with every dealer kit and available at discount for every technician who successfully completes and passes the certification training class.  Score high enough, and you’ll win an additional tester FREE!

Do not plug the LAN tester into a wire connected to a PDM or damage to the LAN tester can occur in some situations.  Read the instructions when connecting PoE equipment to the LAN tester input ports.