Even though the first LumenCache product put into service in 2012 was groundbreaking at the time, it was deliberately named "Legacy", because it was ONLY supposed to prove the concepts of the patent (that per-port replaceable drivers in a control matrix is a preferable solution for DC powered devices).  These products are suffixed by "L-" and are from the earliest adopters.

LibRE was the update to Legacy, made in early 2018 when we realized we were still too early for the market, and investment was still too far away.  So the purpose of "L2-" upgrades was to band-aid the major issues in Legacy and also to give the product some profit margin.  Without this, we would not have survived the long on-ramp needed without "selling out" and risking a future forced cliff from a large investor.

There's nearly $2m of Legacy and LibRE in service around the world and in all kinds of applications.  Enjoy the slide deck above to see a tiny fraction of the installed systems.  The silver lining of all this learning is visible when you contrast this to the clean lines and every attention to detail of the gen2 product: ReNetA.

This site is more than just an homage to our early adopters.  It's a show of our dedication to supporting products over the lifetime of homes, and even families.  We try hard to avoid rapid obsolescence.  Even our prototypes lasted 12 years!  If you require support, be sure to use the Contact Us pages or your client portal account.

Thank you!