LibRE Dealer Kit Refresh to ReNetA

Replace/refresh your LibRE (or Legacy) dealer kit with a brand new ReNetA kit for just $199 plus the cost of shipping. Kit validation required. Receive a coupon for $200 in credit for ReNetA products. Limit 1 per customer with LibRE demo kit. Includes:

(1) PP-2_R(1)
(1) PDM-8_RJ(1)
(2) CC-30W_RJ2C+(485.1)
(1) SV-55W_RJ2S+(485.1)
(1) FV-55W_RJ1F(485.1)
(1) SW-D_J(485.1) (WH: White)
(1) SW-D-THA_J(485.1) (WH: White)
(1) SIB-SOCKET_J1SF(485.1)
(2) F0003-000-10W-011_J2C+(485.1) 4in regressed light
(1) F0005-000-12W-011_J2C+(485.1) 4in flat light
(2) E26-48V6W Bulb
(2) Cat6 Patch 25ft
(4) Cat6 Patch 3ft
(1) Coupon for $200 of ReNetA products

955.47 955.47 USD 955.47


Not Available For Sale

This combination does not exist.

You're a Visionary!  You're awesome!  And we definitely got your back!

So you purchased a Legacy or LibRE demo kit then you saw the huge potential for LumenCache.  Even if it's in pieces, or never got used past the first time you opened it, it's ok.  This special offer is to show our respect for your trust that LumenCache would become the coolest product for your business, and that it will forever change the industry.

We'll even give you a coupon for $200 of new ReNetA products with your $199 purchase.  While $1 is hardly representative of your loyalty and trust, these kits contain $xxx in new ReNetA parts that can be used for demos or sold to your customers--no restrictions!

You'll need a 48V power source, so we recommend the HEP-240 for demo kits as it ships with the PowerPlane connector already attached.  If you want to try the Construction Light system instead, there's a Refresh offer there as well.  That system accepts 12-48VDC so you can power it from your car accessory adapter or even a cordless power tool adapter.