Switched Voltage Driver for STRIPS, Dimmable, 50W, 24-48V, 1.2A, High-side Switch

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L2-SV drivers are used when the connected devices have their own regulators built in.  This includes strip LEDs and screw-in or plug-in style bulbs.  The L2-SV sends the same voltage as the PDM supply voltage to the devices at the end of the Cat5/6 wires connected to the PDM port.  It does not regulate the voltage except to control it on and off by listening to the zone control channel for the PDM socket it is plugged into.  A replaceable 1.2A fuse protects against over-current or short-circuit conditions.  This module does not require an L2-APR.  Its output level is controlled by a Channel Zone Controller like an L2-DM, L2-SW, or L2-CH16.  An indicator LED shows when the L2-SV is commanded ON. For large commercial projects, a spread-spectrum slew feature reduces large in-rush currents to protect power supplies.  As a high-speed solid-state switch, the L2-SV can follow the control channel signal to PWM dim the attached strip or bulb, allowing fine control over the dimming smoothly down to 1%.  Check the bulb specifications for dimming capability.  LED strip lights can have uneven intensity end-to-end or have shimmer or flicker due to wire voltage drop or battery charging voltage changes.  LumenCache LED strips have regulators that maintain perfect consistency across the length of the strip and will not shimmer when the PDM is powered by a battery and charger.  L2-SV are ideal for powering sconces and other multi-bulb fixtures.

Power switching60W @ 48VDC PDM Input Voltage
30W @ 24VDC PDM Input Voltage
Output currentUp to 1.2A
Absolute maximum voltage60VDC
Signal conditioningSpread-spectrum slew
Channel frequency122-2000Hz
Channel frequency122-2000Hz
Control channel signal typeControlled by 0-5VDC, PWM dimming
Dimensions1.65 x 0.95x 0.23in (42 x 24 x 6mm)
Operating temperature=+32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)
Operating humidity5% to 95% Non-condensing
Safety certificationsANSI/UL 2108, UL/CSA 60950-1, CAN/CSA C22.2#250.13, CSA C22.2#9.0, CSA C22.2#223, FCC, CE
RatingDry Rated
Duration5 Years