6x6 Lighting Kit


Complete lighting system snaps into existing low voltage wiring enclosure is ready for your TinyHome or ADU. 6 Lights, 6 Switches, 6 Sets of Cat5 wire, 6 driver cards, 1 PDM, 1 PowerPlane-2, 1 AC 240W power supply.

  • 1 x 240W AC/DC (50% spare capacity)
  • 1 x PowerPlane2
  • 1 x PDM (6 unused ports)
  • 6 x 6in Lights CCT
  • 6 x WK-D Switches
  • 6 x Cat5 Wires
  • 6 x CC Driver
  • 1 x MPC Power Connector

A great way for builders, electricians, integrators and preppers to experience how simple and reliable ReNetA is. Add-Ons include DC/DC adapter to turn the kit into Emergency or Resilient Lighting simply by attaching a battery system.

   -  Easily add a battery or DC/DC adapter
   -  Add-On to change the MPC to PowerPlane2
   -  Add Strip and Bulb type fixtures, additional Downlights, USB Outlets, Ceiling Fans, Exhaust Fans and more

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