Why LumenCache

The LumenCache platform replaces traditional 110V AC power distribution in buildings with a new standard more appropriate to the low power needs and digital capabilities of electronic devices including LED lights.

What changed?


The greentech wave has already changed all ends of the grid.

  • High Voltage DC (HVDC) is used to connect massive national grids together by resolving the AC phase synchronization problem.
  • 380vDC is used in data centers and mid-scale solar arrays and is making its way into household appliances.
  • Solar and Batteries enable Net Zero Energy (NZE) homes and buildings. ¬†They are Direct Current (DC) devices.
  • LEDs, Solid State Lighting, and ALL electronic devices are DC internally and require adapters to work with AC power.

LumenCache connects the grid edge (devices inside your power meter) to the installed devices that consume the energy using proven structured wiring techniques.


What is a DC Nanogrid?