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China Low Carbon City demonstration building

In September of 2016 LumenCache participated in the kickoff meeting for the CERC-BEE2 joint venture program sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DoE) and China’s Ministry of Housing for Urban and Rural Development (MOHURD). The first year activity was to demonstrate DC efficiency compared to AC power distribution. Second year activities encompass a systems approach to savings and demonstrating the benefits of converged DC and power distribution.

The first project installed in China was the exhibition hall of Singyes Solar. Singyes is performing parallel tests starting with AC powered LumenCache system, then switching to more efficient DC/DC powered system supplied from their building DC power bus.

The Future Cube building in the Low Carbon City will demonstrate that all DC infrastructure is not only possible, but easy to source and deploy.

LumenCache was selected because of its future-proof system architecture. This allows IBR and other China companies to create application modules for the LumenCache platform. They will demonstrate how locally developed smartbuilding applications will provide industry-changing results.

IBR plans to modify its wireless Indoor Air Quality monitoring product to use LumenCache as a reliable power and communications platform.

IBR is a State Owned company. Their recommendations are often used to affect building codes and policy for China.

Project Overview:
Future Cube Building (Interior Renovation)
5,000 square meters being renovated out of 26,000 square meter building
Display Area lighting
Office Area lighting
Two test suites for laboratory testing

Forest City Wellness Center


Forest City Enterprises wellness center project completed November 2014.

Mike Smith, VP Building Technology Services Group at Forest City Enterprises, said “They [controls engineers] had to double check the readings because they were so low. After calibration and checking each one we found it is costing about 60% of what we expected to operate.”

LEDs combined with efficient drivers, 2-level lighting controls, and occupancy detection create high system-level efficiency.

“We haven’t had an AC power failure at the building yet so we haven’t used the battery backup feature.” says Smith.

Their team did the payback analysis on adding solar panels to the building and found it was a little too long of a payback. “The load is so small that it’s not worth it to add to this project. New construction or projects with planned solar would have payback well within our desired timeframes.”



Parts Used

30 LumenCache Legacy Power Distribution Modules (L-PDM)y
6 12V Battery
6 AC/DC Battery Charger Power Supply
170 6″ recessed 900lm, 82CRI, 3000K fixtures w/Constant Current BoostPucks
67 2×2 panel lights 2900lm, 3000K fixtures w/Constant Current BoostPucks
20 LumenCache SwitchPucks
20 Daylight harvesting Motion Sensors
5 40″ Enclosure
2 28″ Enclosure