Powering your electronic device from LumenCache has many benefits.  Installed devices and devices that benefit from energy management should use LumenCache power directly with a SIB (Smart Interface Block).  Simply attach a SIB in place of the traditional AC/DC power adapters and use convenient DC/DC power.

Otherwise, use the standard USB or USB-PD and the user can power their USB wall plates from LumenCache.

LumenCache LibRE ports support up to 2A @ 12V for device power (RJ45 Pins 4+5, 7+8) and 12Vdc regulated accessory power (pins 1, 2) up to 180mA. The accessory power is always available for standby functions. Device power can be switched and/or regulated at the PDM Port socket device. A Control pin is available (16 channels) to matrix control functions at each port socket.

LibRE RJ45 Port Pinout

Pin Purpose Notes
1 Accessory 12V+ (max 180mA)
2 Accessory 12V- / GND
3 Switch Input / Data A
4 LED +
5 LED +
6 Switch Common / Data B
7 LED – / GND
8 LED – / GND



Easy to use SIB-K has a screw terminal for LED+/- and a 10″ wire harness with JST connector for 12V accessory power and Switch/Data pins.
Standard keystone shape allows insertion into common boxes or snap into your own fixture mount.

SIB Examples:

sib schematic-1