If you’re an electronic device manufacturer your engineers know the challenges of dealing with the AC power standard. Filtering, conditioning, and safety compliance requirements take considerable size and cost to convert from the Alternating Current into the Direct Current the electronic components need.

LumenCache is an all DC nanogrid standard with attractive features for builders and consumers. It is also attractive to product manufacturers:

  • Reliable wired communications
  • Primary and standby power in easy to use form
  • Battery backup standby power is pushed to the system level
  • Energy management accomplished at system level
  • Lower cost results in better retail shelf appeal
  • SaaS platform interface



Should your next device use the LumenCache platform?


1) Doubtful: LumenCache is not a panacea so not every device can be powered using it.  High power devices like heating elements are better suited to 380vDC supply or the old 120/240V AC standards.  Don’t despair.  You can probably control and monitor your power hog or antique device via LumenCache.

2) Maybe: Let’s face it, when you bought your first BluRay® Disc player, you only had a few discs to choose from.  Of course, it didn’t take long before every new release was available on BluRay.  If you require the enormous, and sometimes daunting, selection of AC lightbulbs then you may choose to wait.  Don’t wait too long or you’ll be stuck with the VHS Tape of power wiring in your walls.

3) Probably: These devices are ideal for LumenCache and your users will see an immediate benefit.

4) Definitely: No-Brainer decision.  These devices benefit from all the features of the improved infrastructure LumenCache provides.