How it works

1. Design your lighting plan.
2. Run a Cat5 wire from the panel to each light and switch and terminate with RJ45 tips.
3. Install DC power source: 12V Solar battery charger or AC/DC battery charger.
4. Install fixtures and switches.
5. Set the modes and ID#s using a pen.
6. Insert selector jumpers to choose which lights are controlled by which switch.
7. Insert LED drivers and switch modules in the panel.
8. Attach optional gateway to control from a home automation system.

The smart wire infrastructure easily allows future smart features as developed without the need to rewire.

Safety Certifications

LumenCache LibRE has UL2108 Low Voltage Lighting System certifications.

See Installation Guides for system requirements and always refer to your local Agencies Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) for specific requirements.