Dixon Residence


In addition to being a three-time IndyCar champ, Scott and Emma Dixon understand investments, technology, and design. They chose LumenCache for their new home in Indianapolis.

While 136 of the lights far exceeded their expectations for lighting and controls, Emma had concerns with the “bulb” options for her 17 decorative chandeliers and sconces. Like any new technology, the available options for filament style LED light bulbs were extremely limited and compounded by the DC supply manufacturers were not used to. New 12V LED bulbs are appearing on the market, providing more options each month.


Products Used

12 LumenCache LibRE Power Distribution Modules (L-PDM)
2 12V Battery
2 AC/DC Battery Charger Power Supply
136 6″ recessed 900lm, 82CRI, 2700K fixtures w/Constant Current BoostPucks
6 6″ Surface lights (Utility space) 1000lm w/Constant Current BoostPucks
16 12-24V signal amps for sconce/chandelier fixtures
70 LumenCache SwitchPucks
2 40″ Enclosure
1 28″ Enclosure